Football Manager 2018 | Rags to Riches! 💰💰 | Leyton Orient | Episode 4


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what good folks welcome back to episode 4 of my Leyton Orient rags to riches series now first of all apologies is taking so long to get this episode out I rubbish at YouTube blardy blardy blar I get it but it here and we playing against Dunstable in the first game a game which I don expect to win quite easily but I gonna change the format as well of this series where the games that I expect to win I gonna compress down to just highlights and the games that I expect to be closer I gonna be pointing the full games up so that just to speed the process of really guest sir Premier League as soon as possible if you not already as well head over to twitch tv sy games 56 bang me a follow on the appreciated a stream Monday Wednesday and Friday 8 30 p m gmt and play variety games as well as I thinking about doing a football manager one but anyway head over bangle like now let get into the first game and whoop some backside so no major changes really to the lineup few changes just to cover injuries