How to fix a quiet microphone on your headset!


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hello everyone this is Benjamin from tech explained and today I going to help you guys fix low or high audio issues with your microphone okay so I recently used this fixed one fix my course my headset which has had really low audio and I just haven been able to talk to anyone will be like record anything on it just because it so like the audio was so low and so difficult to hear so the trick is is to go into on your computer just open your search bar here just type in audio XA manage audio devices okay and that like 70 so there different playback recording sound and communication devices so we going to want to go to the recording device so your microphone you should be pretty self explanatory should be able to get to it should be under arm for me it real tech high definition audio this is the UM audio that my motherboard has if you using the back connectors on the motherboard this should be the connector that you looking for or the connection for the market looking for so the trick is down here to go to properties to