Marvel Super Hero Illuminate Gallery Collection Figures Video Review


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hey guys I am pixel Dan and today we gonna be checking out the new Marvel superhero illuminant gallery collection very special thanks to the folks over at Blue Fin for sending along this cool assortment of new Marvel of displayable figures we gonna take a look at these here today so I got a whole collection of these here from collection one I wanted to start by showing you guys the packaging here you can see a nice window box we got spider man inside the packaging here but pretty cool little collection of basically like a little gallery display which is perfect for your desktop or your shelf and as it known as the illuminant gallery it does feature LED lights so these cool little bases light up which is a really neat effect on these particular little figures so let go ahead and get Spidey pulled out of the box here and we can get a closer look at Spidey as well as all the rest of the Marvel heroes in this particular collection so out of the packaging this is what we got a really cool collection of several different Marvel superheroes all of course based