Dairy Queen’s Triple Chocolate Brownie - Food Review (Front Seat Reviews)


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hey guys welcome to set Spain front seat reviews today I here with the Dairy Queen triple chocolate brownie I about to give it a taste and lay know a my my take is a pretty funny thing about Dairy Queen I I grew up with this place that is actually this location I been here going here my whole life but the triple chocolate brownies actually not something that I ever tried before so I trying to try something new hopefully encourage you guys to try something new as well if it good if not they always doing with your time without any further ado let dig in gonna get a piece of the ice cream a little whipped cream as well looks like hot fudge let dry it up a little bit and hardened then we gonna take a double scoop with the brownie on the second side first thing you notice is that you get ice cream on my left side and then the right side is the brownie with the whip the whipped cream and so generally with what this does is it allows the consumer to choose whether they want to eat them separately together