Nokia Lumia 920 Review (2013)


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Applause what up guys and welcome back to use the reviewed in this video we gonna be doing a review of the year Nakia lumia 920 now that the pleasure have been using this device for a couple of weeks now so I gonna give you my thoughts and opinions I start off with the design I not going to go through all the specifications of the device because I did that at my unboxing video so you haven seen that already check it out in the description below so in terms of the actual design I really do like the design of device I especially like the color you know the red is it a really nice color and in terms of actual hardware design you know the case it absolutely beautiful really really really nice the only thing I would say is in terms of the weight it is a heavy device is 185 grams and if you used to using it with smart phones by Apple and Samsung etc you gonna find that this is a little bit heavier than what you probably used to having said that it very comfortable to hold in the hand the