1979-1998 Mustang SVE Cobra Style Shift Knob - Review & Install


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what up everybody Landon with latemodelrestoration com for my overview and install on SVG Cobra style shift knob designed for the 1979 to 1998 Mustangs if you currently in the market to retain a factory style shift knob but once you add a touch of 94 to 98 cobra styling all replaced the worn factory knob in your 94 to 98 Cobra then this SPE 5 speed knob is definitely a good choice this SPE shift knob is modeled after the 94 to 98 Cobra shift knob that featured an improved grip over a plastic factory shift knob around the core of this particular shift knob will be black simulated leather and high quality stitching that will look great in any 1979 to 1998 mustang interior this shift knob is intended for 1979 to 1998 Mustangs equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission or as a replacement for 94 to 98 cobra owners because of the black simulated leather it does feature a five speed pattern which is embossed into the leather just like the original installation is very easy and this shift knob will only fit factory or aftermarket shifter handles with a stock m12 by 1 75 thread