Air Jordan 10/X Retro "Chicago" 2012


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what our YouTube mr Yun Jie welcome to the j bday china for my new subscribers oh and I y for get into it excuse me on the plastic bags I doing Allah maintenance on my man cave so I put them in the bag so my shoes won get messed up but anyway Blues back at it for the air jordan 10 Chicago release and no G colorway highly anticipated release you know sin shall I say everybody who copped so nice you overall very true doji besides on the jumpman logo but on the back it red instead of the oh Jesus they had two black and also in my shot lineman its checkered now instead of the old Jesus that was just slightly red but other than that man is very true doji give you a quick review base together all black midsole with some red accents that that wraps around on the household all white tumbled leather you got a black leather right healing up a panel black laces once again that white leather got just checkerboard guts very nice right here got a jordan 23 right now if you can see it and on out