Does Chief Brody Have a Drinking Problem? - #Derekisms


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really what it is kind of about a chief Brody played by Roy Scheider he is starting to get the sense that once more there is a shark terrorizing Amity you know there are mysterious deaths happening at sea could they just be accidents or could there be a shark again you know his theory Allah says what if you know that shark that I killed had like a bloody shark who they talked to and I was coming for revenge and like the marine biologist character who is telling that Tuesday have you been drinking woman but in so many polite ways that pretty much what she saying this ridiculous sharks don have personal vendettas but this is a horror movie so who you know better than that actually we dump we never really know why this shark maybe it just another bloodthirsty sharp who did had no idea about the fern everyone who cares a shark is back and it terrorizing people so brownie is quite paranoid about it he trying to warn the people but you know they they don believe them you know you stressed out man have you been drinking and he drinks a lot