Review - 1:18 Scale Maisto 2017 Ford GT


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hey guys Brandon here with these other diecast bringing you guys another review this time I really excited to bring you guys a review on the 2017 Ford GT made by maystow I have two of them here two different ones this is the silver with the gray stripes and obviously the Bluenose stripes they also make from what I know a yellow with no stripes and that from what I know all the three that they make your I be able to find this on Amazon I put the link in the description to where you guys could check them out because on Amazon they have all of the the range you can find the yellow one there as well as the blue and silver and hopefully down the road we see some other ones come up so yeah link in the description to where you guys can check some some of these out for the purpose of this review i probably gonna pick the silver one why not just to kind of show you guys around we keep this one in the background though so yeah I got this one not too long ago this is the first