Liberty Model 0 Update


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evening guys real 111 t here I just want to give you a little update on the kerosene stove that i did a kind of a demo on or a little mini review the liberty model 0 so i made a mention that they were going to be getting some tins for those stoves and i was going to be getting one in and in fact i did they were nice it nice enough in NH to sell me just the tin because what they done over at the AAA ebay store is they changed the listing if you go and follow that link that i put in the other video what you find is the model 00 still with the tin okay so basically it not it not optional it it now considered one item they got the tins in and this is the example I actually got it loaded up here with the stove in it will take a look inside there in a second here okay but basically this is the 10 it made out of what appears to be like a galvanized sheet metal most like a gutter material the workmanship is decent I mean it