Pachmayr Diamond Pro Ruger SP101 Grip Install & Review


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hello 4500 Charlie Papa Channel and today we going to put on this pack Mayer diamond Pro Series grip for the SP Ruger SP 101 you know the factory grips are okay but this gives me a little bit more polish well it going to help you spread that impact of that 357 out just a little bit should be a lot more comfortable grip in which to file shoot this gun with so let go ahead and get the grip off here if you going to be working on your guns is going to be taking stuff apart and good hollow ground screwdriver set the especially use one from Brownells are a great idea and a great buy so let go ahead and take that screw off and we should be able to just slider off here oh I got to take the phone sorry I take these plastic panels off I forgot there we go that a very important pin so keep it where you can find it that you use that to take the hammer and the gun apart with in the standard grip it starts with the grip with this new grip it doesn have that