The Arts Music Show - The Fender Player Series ft. Mike Gallant (Fender Rep)


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are you done I was told we were gonna coordinate shirts so hey guys welcome back to the arts music show my name is Aaron this is Jack and today we brought a special guest all the way from Fender our friend Mike who gonna be talking the player series with us here today thanks for having me guys I happy to be here hey no problem so we been hearing a lot about these guitars at summer NAMM we in the fender family to these player series fit in well the the player series is to put it pretty simply is the the direct replacement and sort of the latest evolution of the standard series which has been in the fender line for I mean a long long time now and it been one of our most popular series because the standard line had been around for so long and was as popular as it was I mean those guitars they sounded great they played great you know those are big shoes to fill when you when you coming out with you know the series that gonna replace it you know we really had to reach deep into our