2007 Toyota Sequoia Wheel Kinetics


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this is Roger with wheel kinetics in Tucson Arizona we selling this Sequoia it is a 2007 Toyota Sequoia it an sr5 sport utility with leather it does have a third seat as a hundred sixty one thousand miles it being sold in the salvage title due to theft not collision this car is amazing basically they sell them of a salvage title because the insurance companies don want any liability after they sell them if you watch the little three minute animated video we have in our salvage theft ad you understand you know the lawyers for Geico progressive all the big insurance companies they sell them to us we sell them to you you kill yourself by running a stop sign somewhere finds out that they sold it on a clear title and that implies some sort of warranty liability so that why they throw them under the bus because they got lots of money they don want to want anyone going after that in the future lawyers anyway this thing is sweet the reason I believe that they they could have still given it a clear title but the reason they didn didn have any keys so