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the cue dreamer is a very similar device to fossils Kevlar and more masculine fitness tracking bracelet for an in depth look at the features app and tracking shared by both options the tracker comes in two styles the feminine rose gold finish slash pale pink leather and more masculine stainless steel slash black leather there are also a couple of interchangeable 12 millimetres straps turquoise brown white etc which you can buy later on to switch out it better looking than pretty much any other bracelet style tracker I used so if that important this could really sway you it super light at 28 point 2 grams and ip67 water resistant down to 1m that not really designed for swimmers and you won want to get the band wet but it does put your mind at ease in terms of cooking mishaps and rainy days three LEDs adorn either side of the hidden tech module which you can set up for alerts we have been happy with just one set as over dinner it can be distracting for the person set opposite when you receive a text not as subtle as it could be it well built feel secure