Total Recall (2012) Movie Review


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seem like you looking for something isn this you gonna wish you had three hands looking for Rico oh no not me I not gonna bend over and take this boy they really hit us where it hurts this time my brother look and bask in the glory of what all men remember about the original Total Recall a lovely naked mutant with three perfectly placed knockers very tasteful no bush now she been replaced by a fully clothed asian hooker what the fuck happened to this world gentlemen what happened I mean doesn the Constitution guarantees the right to life nudity in the pursuit of happiness codemonkey get up get coffee code monkey go to job code monkey hat boring meeting boring manager Rob rush rather awake a Peter coffee cake take bath me now this job will feeling in creative way such a load of crap code monkey think so what a secret hard welcome back full master of hues I Adam Jay you know I remember all the badass action movies I grew up on and one that clearly sticks out in my mind is total recall now I gotta admit although I grew up on it