Quick Review: Bento for iPad


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this is chad with the iphone blog and today we going to look at bento from filemaker and bento is a great database application that allows you to sync to your iphone ipod touch and ipad comes with a bunch of built in libraries really easy to use you have a built in address book which kind of pulls in all of that information from your address book end into a database that allows you to add a lot more customized fields than then what comes with the iphone you have projects and these are sample at databases that i put in here just to play around with a little bit so here is the triathlon here a line label design and information and you can expand some of the fields to to look at more information as you see here you have a to do items database so you can see you know buy groceries plan a vacation look at that stuff you can have little drop down lists here let show you different stages of where things are at you can say hey i need to pay a telephone bill you have notes so if you taking notes