CTIA 2012: QNX Embedded RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Car Infotainment System


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I Chung one with gotta be mobile and today we at CTIA 2012 with Q and X sitting in a Porsche taking a look at how the PlayBook and the Q nx os integrates into cars and car entertainment systems today so can you tell us a little bit about this prototype that you have going on here Andy absolutely so this is of showing a lot of the technology that we bringing into the mobile space but in the context of a car so we got all the buttons hooked up so we can do things like you know provide you know high definition voice calling we can do things like showing navigation do I don know if we actually got anybody that will accept a call at this point but in any case you know that we got this so we doing calls with like high definition stereo so something that you don he doesn sound like he there so that okay well when we go on this is a typical infotainment setup is its own playbook right this is actually a playbook but we using it primarily because it it a good convenient hardware for us to