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hi everyone Sandra from gracious goodness essentials how are you normally I finish my videos saying if you liked what you heard and you think this soil could be useful for you then add it to your next order I can do that with today oil instead I gonna have to say come to convention with us because it is the only way that you going to get your hands on some birch essential oil and that is because birch is really quite tricky to sustain in order to obtain ethically to keep it sustainable and things like that so doTERRA have made the decision that rather than compromising their morals or and their work ethic okay that they will simply produce a small quantity and make it available at very limited times of the year and so they do that by giving it as a convention gift with the convention packs okay but birch is actually birch smells almost identical to wintergreen okay this is wintergreen and that available in our orders all year round this is birch which is only available to the people that go to convention two completely different plants with almost identical chemical composition how