Herman Li EGEN18 Led Mod by BroadAxe Guitars


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everyone has gone got a broad ax guitars build update for you here this one was just completed this is a herman li e gen 18 i been as mobile guitar this is actually Herman Lee guitar Herman and I met several months back after talking and showed it my seven string guitar he really liked the LEDs in it and asked me if I could do that to his guitar so I been has sent me one of his guitars Steve the fretboard off of it in late LEDs did a little something special for this one this isn just a regular fret marker you know demonstration like like the last one so this one got a little bit of a even more of a twist on it which is pretty cool so the guitar itself is very cool you got audio you know the guitar itself this is not an audio demonstration but I just got sound to be able to play it for you but what we got here is we got the standard fret marker mode where you can see all 24 frets and their regular prep positions we drilled out the the mother of pearl