Appmon Chip Version 1.0 Box Unboxing/Review (Digimon Universe Appli Monsters)


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hey YouTube that writer here with my unboxing and review of the Athlon chipset one that what I gonna call it now the name will probably be different in the thing but anyway this is kind of like a randomly organized booster pack situation kind of like the yokai medals and this is kind of partly yokai watch copy but yeah I not sure I gonna be getting these all the time or whatever sets I think it gonna depend on how much I like the show as it goes and what I want to get out of it I don really care about getting every single chip to be honest but this isn that expensive so I figured what the hell might as well just try one so basically I gonna open all these see what I get and then at the end I do a quick sound demo just in the in the spirit of saving time I just show the main sound and then like one burst mode because honestly the burst mode is just the same but you shouting bursts afterwards and you kind of get the gist of it if in the future you want