iOS 11.4 DOWNGRADE to iOS 11.3! - ANY iPhone, iPod, iPad, 11.3.1 (KEEP DATA)


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hey what up YouTube in today quick video I going to show you how to downgrade from iOS 11 4 either the official release once it out or from a current beta 2 iOS 11 3 or any of Apple currently signed firmwares so as an example in this video I be using my iPhone 6s plus running iOS 11 point for beta 2 and will be downgrading to iOS 11 point three but again this will just be a general downgrade video that is applicable to every iOS device running iOS 11 point for demonstrating the downgrade process from eleven point four to a lower currently signed version of iOS so to get started we are going to head over to this third party site called IPs WME the link will be in the description of this video and once you here you just going to select on your device type select your device and then select your desired firmware in my case I will select I phone and then navigate to the iPhone 6s plus and select iOS eleven point three now the download will begin to your computer and we have to use this third party site