22 TCM rifle drops hog in its tracks on night vision


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and our recent legally on America hog summit down in South Texas our buddy choleric island armory brought a bunch of really cool toys for us to play with but the coolest one was the brand new twin 2 TCM rifle let me tell you something this old school round leaves this rifles muzzle at a ferocious 2 800 feet per second but hey a fast bullet doesn necessarily do the damage needed to take an animal down we wanted to see what it could do so our buddies at four migos ranch Jared and Dan took the 22 TCM rifle out with some really cool Flair gear that our buddies from FLIR brought down with them now shot placement with this round yeah that was going to be critical that why Jared from for me goes ranchers out there Jared a crack shot and he knows these animals he knows their tendencies and he knew that shot placement was very important and he was gonna have a very small window to get that shot right where it needed to be to take this hawk down these numskull hogs have a thick head you got to put the round where