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You know, I'm always okay with just one way typical relationships like, you know He likes her her likes her and him likes him But when there's an epidemic of people it becomes very crazy and this story happens to capture that and it's like um, no, I think It can't just be oh me likes the blood King. No, no, no No, we have to have it like okay Mae likes the blood King, but the lieutenant likes Mae and some unrequited love type thing but no Mae also has to like she vows key and There's some other chick named Akane who probably doesn't even really like the blood King But she has to be in a relationship with him, but no no, no. No, it doesn't stop there It's literally at that point where I was almost convinced that even her brother liked her. Yes. I said it her brother So what is up you guys my name? Is this all Byzantine welcome to my channel today We're gonna be talking about a webtoons comic named my dear cold-blooded King. If you guys have not read it, please go read it I don't know if I'm gonna be able to put a link in the description since it's on an app But if you guys have some way to get to it, then there you go But as for now, let's get right into it in one of the latest two chapters The first one is showing us a mysterious character who is most likely her brother defending her when there was a group of guys talking about claiming a bounty on her since she just got married to the blood king and you know someone tried him and he went like He did not come to flay whatsoever I didn't believe it was him at first since this character is described more kind-hearted But I mean, hey Sometimes people change around different people and then another character is added to love Epidemic and it's like no I don't want to hate her because she doesn't really seem to be doing anything wrong in particular but she is revealed that she was once close to the blood King and quote-unquote how to dissolve engagement meaning that means it was possibly something serious before and you know now this guy is On Mays back because she's quote-unquote taking him away from her and just starts talking about rumors about Having other intentions with another guy and it's like okay, but zooming on by to me sleeping then general shibasaki Swoops in like the little bitch he is looking for help from mimetic and it's that's where you know the next chapter picks off So then this entire next chapter is made basically arguing with the general asking what happened and he's just being stubborn in an asshat - the one who's actually helping him and Literally tells her in her face quote unquote To me you are nothing and then this text is bolded.