Ford Earnings Miss Analyst Forecasts with The Car Coach®, Lauren Fix


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so let talk it all into perspective the car coaches Lauren thick she is with me now we could dispense pretty quickly with Ford results exciting no no but they gonna still sell the f 150 like crazy it been the best selling vehicle across the boards for 38 years no it looks tonight as if the Auto tariffs against Europe are off the agenda yes good news obviously from Europe but we saw GM and Fiat Chrysler both warning about the effects of these tariffs right because they fearing right now that if they if we double the tariffs then the EU will double the tariff and all that is just gonna cost us more for the cars but you gonna remember President Trump is not playing a political game that we always played in the past he playing a business game and that not what all of us are used to we used to the politics and and I not an expert on politics I an expert in automotive right so I will stick with the automotive area sue okay so what you gonna see is the EU is gonna bend and they gonna eventually go you don