HUTACT Binoculars for adults bird watching, Ultra HD 10x42 Compact, FMC Fully Multi Coa...


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hue tact binoculars will take you to see the world capture all precious moments of life allows you to enlarge everything and savor it advantages back for prism with multi coated lenses provides clear sharp images and increase light transmission zoom in with 10x42 to view intimate details and clear image the rotating eyepieces will provide comfort for anyone whether they wear glasses or not simple and good looking high quality all round rubber exterior with non slip lines increase friction to ensure stable viewing the complimentary mobile phone attaching clip will make it easier for you to use your phone to take clear pictures and share them with your family note use a professional lens cleaning cloth to clean the lenses even it is waterproof it is recommended to store by knock you lays in a dry place please do not use it to see the Sun directly or it will hurt your eyes if you have any questions please feel free to contact us we will help you to solve all the problems and we also provide lifetime customer service specifications model htk seventy magnification 10x42 calibre of object lens 42 millimeters diameter of ocular 18 millimeters material