Ajax Unboxing Video! (Fursuit Unboxing)


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you guys like I used some scissors on this thing oh he so cute you guys oh my god oh he said he has a pickable nose you can pick his nose you guys look at that oh is it he adorable oh and he also has glasses they pretty de jeg antic let try him on she said or he said that this is like the first suit he made that can fit glasses under it Oh oh my god the vision is so awesome oh man you guys and here the glasses to go with it Oh oh my God look at him oh my baby I am so happy right now oh and there like floppy ears ah oh gosh this is so cute and like his eyes they like really pretty like I said pickable nose that fun yeah he got a tongue to my old suit didn have one oh he look so good no he Jackson regional design was that he was light gray with red and yeah um the fabric company plushy buck orders from didn have that so we had to go with off colors but I don care right now because