1997 Mazda Miata Full Review | 1 Year of Ownership


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a little over a year ago I spent 4 000 on a clean black Mazda mx 5 miata I recently sold it for a bit less than that and I bought a Porsche now I have to ask myself did I make the right decision why do I love my Porsche but still long what is it about this car that captures the soul it not very fast it has some body roll and it sweeps and rattles like nothing else I ever driven well it is cute has a kind of elegant simplicity it not what I would call a beautiful is that I think the most important thing that makes the NA Miata so popular is its value around three to four thousand dollars you can get a clean two seater convertible sports car with rear wheel drive a 5 speed manual and a classic sounding four cylinder engine in the front essentially you get a Lotus Elan for the fraction of the price except the Miata is better than the Elan in almost every way the price of the car is key because while there are other vehicles out there that are plucky and handle well the