LINNSE Camcorder HD 1080P 30FPS $110 2 weeks Review!


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hi this is Bruce with Hunsaker home hacks today I want to talk to you about my lien C camera the video camera that I currently recording on this camera is the one I opened up and unboxed about two two and a half weeks ago and I wanted to make a video right away just show that I got a new camera because I was excited because I have a 1080p camera as opposed to my original camera which is right here recording the back of my head reason why I want to talk about this I been working with this camera now for a few weeks and I thought it would be good to give more of an in depth review of what I think about this camera so we gonna start with a few things all right so let talk about the picture quality the picture quality camera is good I like it 1080p it crisp it clear their degradation is really good you can see from my shirt this is a nice a bright construction orange and I wearing a black hat along in the background you can see that there a lot of blues and