Resident Evil Revelations - Walkthrough Part 3 Gameplay Let's Play [1080p]


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previously on Resident Evil Revelations lost contact with Chris and Jessica the signal was lost over the ocean queens and all yeah right here on this ship signs of life but I feel like something here I think it a gun not good where are you Chris Chris what is this all right it a trap it done you work this Valentine damn they made that are dramatic welcome to part 3 of Resident Evil Revelations start of episode two double mystery year boy 6 42 p m mountains in Europe looks like I got a sniper rifle slow down Chris we almost there Jessica I certainly hope so my feet are killing me her source indicates the camp is on the far side of this peak maybe it the weather but I still can make contact with HQ who have thought we be stuck out here for so long looks like we playing as chris redfield and now one now many chapters of jameis my god it crashed there shouldn be any shipping routes in this area and the Intel we got on velcro was on the money come on head for the crash sites all right let hope