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hey guys this is Ryan and Steven and we here to show you our premiere product both boy when we found at Ultra point in 2010 this is the product we wanted to make there been an amazing journey building a product that we could put our own name on and share with you we know you gonna love them so let get started and show you how they work if you order a pair of socks of your old boy the socks you will receive are non stretch white and of a strong fabric designs best especially for ultra boy to increase the light that shines out throughout the song every custom old quest sock has a small bonus track built into the bottle this Boka strap is designed keep barrel 2 1 and vertical inside the song so that it at maximum brightness every ultra boy has a small loop fills in the battery door you can use this loop to support your own customized options or you can use velcro strap and slide it underneath the loop disappear the point when the poi security cannon inside the sock the first thing you need to do when a