Let's Play Lost Planet: Extreme Condition #14 - The Volcano Dome


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hey there guys welcome back the lost planet extreme condition in the last part we were trotting through the volcano in our happy little Walker machine and I finally find the access way to the frontier project dome thingamajiggy and crab there another Walker there I kind of handicapped here because what I don know what kind of weapon that thing has but it sure as hell damaging and my homing laser keeps hitting the ceiling of the tunnel when I get too close so I really need to get rid of that weapon fast although it is pretty nice I must admit I well get him yeah that looks busted get the thermal energy thank you very much although I might need a replacement for yes pretty soon because this one isn gonna hold up much longer all right free beacon I not gonna just walk past this one oh crap no no no no no at least let me charge the thing up yes thank you okay now we can shoot me preferably not but if you have to die pom pom for leading okay at to Carol and I think you take jumping damage in this game