Bankers Are NOT Who You Think They Are, Part I


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you hello today I wanted to make a brief interlude between posting the two parts of my interview with world bank whistleblower karen hudes and i just want to cover some of the things that she discussed in the first part of our interview which is that bankers are not who you think they are now the reason why this is as it for any of you that watch the first part of the interview you know is because she Karen discussed the fact that bankers have over taken the media so now that they run the media they basically scrub clean any negative news about them as much as possible and they present a cleanse picture of themselves as contrite for what happened in 2008 that the reform now that you know they behaving well now but none of that is true because it just the censored view that they giving you since they control all the media now one of the first stories i going to cover now most people do realize this but they only think oh that the JP morgan of citigroup HSBC the really big banks of the world like goldman sachs and whatnot are