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hey girls it been a while since I done a thrifting haul for you so I wanted to share some of my brand new thrift store fines from the goodwill as well as other local thrift stores and also some vintage things that I found because I know a lot of you are vintage lovers as well so here the new things that I shared this with you before and thrift stores are an excellent place to find silk blouses the one that I wearing right now I got it the goodwill and it still the tags on it I paid 10 for this one and I just fell in love with the color so yeah there a great great place to find silk blouses such as the one that I wearing and also work appropriate clothing also what I found lately is this fun vintage necklace I get a little bit closer it kind of cool it like this multi gold chain necklace with this lion head on it and I actually got this one on eBay for like 5 bucks so those are a couple of my recent finds right behind me um I just got this one