FPETV Michael Garfield LR Baggs Venue DI and M1A Pickup


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hi my name is Michael Garfield I a performing singer songwriter and I here to talk to you about my love affair with the LR bags venue di this handy little box has saved me a tremendous amount of trouble in my stage setup for a number of reasons and I gonna tell you all about them right now so the first thing is that I play a Martin d 35 which is a famously bass heavy guitar and I also run it through a looping pedal with a separate vocal line going into that same pedal and only one output going to the sound man and that means that in the in the last few years I get yelled at by sound men on a pretty regular basis for not running two separate lines because they have to mix vocals and guitar in the same channel and as someone who run sound before I understand that that a serious issue but now what I can do is just tell the sound guy to mix for voice and then once he got a suitable signal running through the monitors then I can go back and do a staged sub mix