Mike's Camera Presents: Promaster Extension Tubes and Close Up Filters


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hey guys welcome back to our Channel today we going to take a quick look at some of my favorite tools for macro photography Music so a few of my favorite thanks for shooting macro are macro lenses extension tubes and close up lens filters first off let take a look at the macro lens Music after shooting with a macro lens we put both the close up lens filters and extension tubes to the test Music Music so after shooting with all three of these I was pleasantly surprised with their ability to capture those close up shots the macro lens is gonna be the most convenient the fastest the sharpest method of getting those shots but it is gonna set you back several hundred dollars whereas these options are gonna be a lot more affordable and can really hold their own against the macro lens one thing I really liked about the extension tubes in particular is that you can stack them get super close still maintain the auto focus ability and you won have any distortion in your shots now we use this with a 50 millimeter lens and I found that to be the perfect focal