(Raw) Review of The 2019 Ford Focus SeSt


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Applause see this kid wants to do a fucking car review and he locate always late like I been standing out here for thirty minutes and then come in at him now I think it is Applause Applause you late what you late what the review I just oh shit dude I just got the thing from the dealership Oh 2005 focus and I thought you said you getting a 27 RS the financing dude was on vacation Oh st the they told me that bad just fell off they ordering me a new one they put down there so people know it still a st you could probably hear the turbo when I pull them in yeah I did yeah a little walk around it is rust free it a southern car actually rust free like I was saying I think it got 19 the wheels over there like I was saying that just bird proof they didn really watch it because I wanted to take it today yeah that a new front end yeah yeah it the upgraded one because the intercooler took so much space where the intercooler I gonna pop that in this bad boy yeah