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what up everybody this is Steve aka the joker 5150 here in the move bit again and now I have an unboxing you could already tell by the title this is something that I have wanted for years for them to finally come out with and they finally have it came out oh maybe a couple months ago I can really remember as many of you know or may know I not a huge fan of the Disney film it okay but it not anything like the original but I will say one thing about the movie or the Disney movie I thankful that it came out because it prompted classic media to put out this set the huge The Lone Ranger collector edition so you can hardly see me in a Kenyan yeah this thing here it got some weight to it this here is the entire TV series which stars Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels and there is a time for anybody that fans of the old TV series there was a season or season and a half or maybe even two seasons where there was a contract dispute with Clayton Moore and the studio and so he