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you too what the deal beater pop on here today I don know what today is people today I got some mystery boxes from the wife I don know she wonderful one I don know what to get when I come to comes there it her birthday month so a whole bunch of boxes been coming in these clearly have her name on it and she claims just for me mystery boxes for me so I excited but I don know what to expect but y haven seen is she one for one the first box I got I got the Count Chocula out of box amazing the second box that I got that you didn see I got out of box pop that I didn really want I didn film I filmed it but I would never see them cuz it was a lot of stuff going on in that video but uh it was a cyborg she got me a cyborg pop out of box beat up a gag not funny I didn find it funny at all anyway we got two boxes here this box is intriguing I excited to see what in here and support I