My Valentine’s Day Gift: Coach Pebble Leather Accordion Zip Wallet


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hi everybody welcome to my channel thank you for joining me today I would like to share with you what I received from my husband for Valentine Day he normally doesn bite me an actual gift what he gives me is a gift card and my children give me a gift card and that how I usually buy my bags I never go into the house of money when I buy about this or I should say support my habit of buying bags I never let it affect the household I never buy on easy pay I never buy on credit I buy it and I buy it on a credit card and I paid it all up with the intention of paying it up and I don go over so he instead of him giving me a gift card this time he wanted it give me something that he could actually say well I bought that but her so we went to a mall which was very far away from us and it was a horrendous trip because my husband suffers very much he on he always on severe pain medications from a pain clinic he has he has