How To Apply A Ratchet Wrench


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hello my name is windows lucas and i going to be showing you different techniques of different methods of how to use tools today i going to show you how to use a ratchet wrench here we have a set of ratchet wrenches and what I going to do is I going to take this nut off this wheel using the correct ratchet wrench for demonstration purposes I going to use this wrench here this wrench is the correct size to take off this nut now this wrench works two ways you have a clockwise action and anti clockwise action did you notice how I just turned the wrench over so one way so anti clockwise the other way and over myself up lights than that so I taking this nuts off for demonstration purposes I place the wrench over the nut so I want to tighten it turn it round and that is how to use a ratchet wrench I hope you found today helpful on the different techniques and methods of using certain tools for different DIY projects if you like more information please visit my web site