How to do Half up/down Glue-less Quick-weave with No leave out! (Maxine Hair)


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hey I sorry and today I going to show you how to do a partial quickly with no leave out and we using the water wave hair bundles from Maxine virgin hair I have four bundles of 20 inch and water wave like I said it so pretty and someone saw and it didn shed at all so to start this hairstyle we gonna part her hair with a part from ear to ear initially I wasn gonna I was gonna do a leave out but I decided since our hair is a little bit red to just not do leave out it also like I said you want to part it from ear to ear and I want to start with some Paul Rowles going down Music so if you got that braided down in the back I want to take some rap strips and wrap it around because this is gonna be a glueless partial quickly and I gonna put a stocking cap one and I gonna sew the stocking cap down as well as the wrap papers to the breeze and this is gonna allow the glue not to stick to her natural hair so when she