Riot Division Lizard Jacket REVIEW


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hey what up this is all coin here for this video we checking out some more stuff from a riot division which I already looked at a few times in the past with a few different jackets and stuff they recently launched their ss 18 collection to some attention online there are a couple of different jackets a few different pants a few mid layer options as well and they were kind enough to send me one jacket and one pair of pants as well so thank you very much to those guys for this video I gonna be focusing on their lizard jacket which at three hundred and fifty dollars I believe is their most expensive jacket today although in tech wear terms still a fair bit under what you might see from the likes of a CG and all those other kinds of brands when I saw this on the website I immediately thought this was the most interesting thing of the season so let take a look the right division lizard jacket is a parka length jacket in its default configuration which comes in both black and olive or khaki I got the olive version here I