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hi guys today it time for marches recommendations once a month i recommend channels this month I got ten new ones which I never make it recommended on these monthly recommendations before so if you got a couple minutes check those channels I listed down below out got to group forms come groups turn as well brand new shirt apps and in guys who made reviews over the last month which I been watching or finally I get to them so if you got spare 10 minutes shit them aware they all quality put my mole Bruce and I in my mum car first shatter those two smoking barrels UK smoker any dust quality smoke reviews next those Australian guy XD gimmicks is full name down a is from Australia quality reviews as well the American viewers are smart reviews left for data transfer g unit cig reviews bullets Shogun my thoughts show mr mcLeese cig reviews and guinness this kindness sis sim teen he doesn do reviews as such but he talks about its back a loss and how the government fucking with us smokers my final shootout on new ones goes to hookah done 64 you might remember