3ds Max Tutorial|Designer Interiors with Marvelous Designer|Bedsheet,Sofa,Pillow & Blanket|Part 2


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hi friends this is Mohammed Shaquille here and in this series I gonna I gonna explain you how you can design a realistic designer bitch in 3ds Max and Molly designer so this is the next second part of the tutorial and here I gonna deal with the obj file which we have created my previous tutorial and we going to bring it to marvelous designer and we gonna and the bedsheet and add whatever designers to it and been assimilated so this is the malleus designer software and the home page what we get is the l lady with a particular clothing so honest designer is a software where you know people actually it was created for what you can say the garment designers and mostly now it is the people the interior designers and other 3ds max designers go for marvelous designer because they got a good simulation for clothing and a pretty good realistic effects so let just start off and what are you gonna do is avatar and clear after all right and select this and just you can delete it as you can go for a new click on no and you get the the