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hey guys welcome back to my channel today I going to be doing the biggest clothing try on haul I ever done here on my channel I super excited to show you guys all the pieces that I picked out because I did try to pick out some different pieces that I typically wouldn gravitate towards because you guys know I love my neutrals I hurt nerd with boohoo to bring you this video those who is a online clothing store based in the UK and they have some of the cutest trendiest pieces that you can find majority of their clothes are under 100 boo who has super fun and fashionable and affordable clothing and what really cool about their website is they have new stuff that comes in every single week so it a website you definitely have to go and check out and see what going on if you guys want a new summer wardrobe as well Lulu is doing a huge giveaway you can win a whole summer wardrobe that worth 500 which I mean you can get a lot of clothes for 500 I will leave everything in the description box down below and if