The Adidas Terrex X King Shoe - 2015 Review | Outdoor 2015


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my name is Andres sphere and the category director for outdoor footwear for ma divas and I very happy today to present to you a very unique and nice innovation it the Tareq cross King what so unique about it we have that collaboration of Continental and collaboration when we first started using their rubbers we thought that must be much more and our design director and also my savvy mountain bikers he said there must be something we can do and we always thought about a mountain bike tire for your feet and that what we came up with it named after a very famous fire from Continental the cross King it even if you look at the tread pattern and even Showcase is the exact same pattern design from the cross King the unique thing is it also exactly manufactured as the Cross game tire why because everything is directly heat pressed or vulcanized into the mesh and therefore you can have a very thin layer and at the same time a very stable shoe without the insole it actually more tired than shoe it super flexible you can see that the entire rubber gets pressed through it