How to choose the right Ultrasun Sun Protection


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hi there i abby from ultra sun i just wanted to help you choose the right formula for you or for a loved one so you know you got that perfect protection in a once a day format that going to be exactly what you looking for we basically have two choices we have our sensitive range of formulas and our sports range of formulas what we mean by this is sensitive obviously ideal for sensitive skins and really the formulas I want you to put on the little ones especially the under ten year olds or somebody that maybe undergoing treatment and has very sensitive skin the sports formulas are clear liquid either gels or sprays really easy great to get guys into if they don like sun protection and see it too girly some of the teenagers or some of the fathers fathers in law this these are the ones to go for clear liquid means straight on even if they got hairy legs hairy chests just no problem at all so let talk sensitive first in the sensitive range we got twenty thirty and fifty plus 50 plus is a very important part of that it means