First Impression Friday: Physicians Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner+Serum


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happy Monday guys I know you guys are confused you like what Monday the title says Friday today is actually Monday I filming this first impression Friday on a Monday because I was so didn last week I couldn get to the store to buy the products that I wanted to trap for you guys so I ended up just filming the Valentine Day tag and putting it up on Friday which was Valentine Day so I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine Day but yeah basically that what happened to there sorry about that so I got up super early this morning so that way I could film before I go to work so forgive my outfit I just have a t shirt on because that what I wear don work normally and you know my makeup also on apologize if you can tell I have some dry skin going on just nasty but yeah I kind of feel like I look like a Oompa Loompa in this video I don know anyway let just go ahead and get to this first impression so today I gonna be trying the Physicians Formula I missed your eyeliner this claims