Tamashii Buddies Sailor Moon *Outers* Figures Unboxing & Review Plus Custom Backgrounds


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hi everybody and welcome back to another Sailor Moon review today I have the too mushy buddies and I have the first five and these are the outers in that series first we start out with Uranus here and all the boxes are pretty much the same they kind of remind me of Funko pop boxes to be honest the way they kind of designed and as as you can see if the case you haven not never seen these before these do stack like this or you can leave off the front beams and put them side by side like this since they have an options these are really rather not heavy figures so they do have some ability to fall over if you stack them too high and put too many figures one another but you definitely can power every one of these if you want to do and they do kind of look cool because of that feature and then of course you do have a backboard that has the design in the back to represent each character so even though the designs and the poses for these are rather simple they do have a lot of