My New Running Trainers!


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hi guys so today I have been to get my first pair of running trainers courtesy of my grandma as you can see I in her phone today on location and i thought i show you guys what i bought they were actually for my Christmas present so they will be hidden away now until Christmas day she is wave nanny can I see you there she is I so i thought i show you guys what training she bought me today now i went to a place called sport link i hope for your pop the drop down below they really good running shop based in norwich neil Featherby who actually runs it and has been doing running for years and years and years and years he actually say foot with my dad and 70s which is pretty cool so he really good and got great advice it also a girl called steph that works there that sort of a sports therapist as well as another young lad but I saw Neil today so I shall show you I got some basics which I heard a really good trainers anyway since I did do a little bit of research